I am from Enugu State. I have two brothers and three sisters. We are Christians. My father is late but my mother is still alive.


I attended the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu State, where I studied Business Administration and Management. Thereafter, I went to the New York Film Academy in the United States of America.

Prior to that, I had attended Hope Bay Girls Secondary School, Enugu State. Before that, I went to Achara Layout Primary School; also in Enugu.

I took basic and leadership courses at Living Faith Church’s Bible school as well.


Me and my twin sister, Chidimma, started acting in church. Then, our elder sister was already in the industry. However, whenever we watched popular actresses such as Patience Ozokwor, Genevieve Nnaji and Chiege Alisigwe, we were usually inspired to be like them some day.

One day, my elder sister took me and Chidimma to a film location, and the film’s producers decided to add us to the cast of the film. That was how we started our movie careers. The love for the craft was the driving force for us.


I did not face many challenges when I initially joined the industry. I remember that my mum maintained that we had to complete our education before acting. After we closed from school, we had to ‘hustle’ for roles at auditions. At times, we would stay there from morning till night, and still go back the next day. Yet, there would be no guarantee that we would get the desired roles.


I don’t like showing off but God has been very faithful. Where I am now is not where I used to be.


Me and Chidimma have received several awards for our works over the years. One of the awards is the Enugu Achievers Award for Best Group Actress of the Year in 2020. We also received the Enugu Icons Award for Best Duo of the Year.

We do humanitarian work as well. In 2018, we received the Accolade Pace Humanitarian Award in the south-eastern part of the country.


God and hard work are the factors that have brought me this far.


My twin sister and I did not deliberately choose the same career path. I read Business Administration, while she studied Mass Communication. I love acting and she does too. We just found ourselves doing the same thing.


My experience over the years has been great and wonderful. It has not been easy and I am still learning. But, I thank God for everything.

Sexual harassment

There are some people that come online to say that producers asked them for sex before they could be given roles in their movies. However, no one has personally come to report such an incident to me.

What I will advise as the way forward is that people who say producers ask them for sex should stop going to the producers’ rooms, when they don’t have anything to do there. Whenever there are calls for auditions, these actresses should not go in through the back door.


In Nigeria, anything is possible. When me and my sister started acting, all we did was audition together. We worked hard to get roles together. I have never been a fan of anyone that jumps the ladder. It is always good for one to follow the correct process.


It is not accurate to say that it is usually difficult for actresses to find true love, because some men desire to be with them due to their fame and wealth. Anybody saying that is not being truthful. Love is a beautiful thing, and when a lady’s path crosses that of the right man for her, everything will fall into place.


I have never lost a relationship because of the kind of job I do.


I have never been under pressure to have a child. I have also never heard that some women get pressurised to have children, unmarried. It depends on the people one associates with anyway.

Dream man

The qualities I desire in my partner are honesty and a good conscience. If a person has a good conscience, they won’t hurt their partners.


I have acted in quite a number of movies over the years. I cannot remember the titles now.


The movies that gave me my breakthrough in the industry are The Man and Two Rats, which featured Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme.


My twin sister and I are into fashion. We have our own fashion label. We also have other projects that we will be unveiling soon.


I have had several embarrassing moments on set but I cannot recall them all now.


The grace of God and the love of my people around me, including my family, are the things that keep me going.


The lessons I have learnt so far include the fact that humility and self-development are very important. I have also learnt to be humble; and not arrogant, because pride goes before a fall.

Additionally, I have learnt to always develop myself and stop living for the validation of other people. It is very important for one to focus on developing oneself.

I have learnt the importance of planning as well. I believe no venture can succeed without a solid plan to back it up. Whether it’s acting, doing business or anything at all, one has to plan properly. This will enable one to have a clear vision of one’s goals.


My advice for up-and-coming talents in the industry is that, they should know what they want before joining the industry. They should not just join the industry because others are doing that.

Also, they should be humble and respectful of others.


The changes I will like to see in the industry include the eradication of piracy, more government support for the sector, and unity among creatives.


There was a movie I did where I had to cry in a particular scene. When my twin sister saw me crying, she burst into tears as well. The title of the movie is Broken Ambition, and it also featured Patience Ozokwor.


Some of my biggest cheerleaders are Patience Ozokwor, Joke Silva, Genevieve Nnaji and Liz Benson.


I love shoes and bags. One cannot go without the other.


I watch films, eat fruits and exercise.

Source: The Punch